The R.A.G.E: 16b Fade St., Dublin

While the media industry is currently in the throes of the streaming age, and all the world’s information comes to your hand via an ever-diminishing chain of supply, there is always something to be said for the calm and completeness of collecting your favourite music, movies and games in physical formats, providing a tactile experience, with artwork, liner notes, and the ritual of anticipation that comes with waiting for that magic moment.

The R.A.G.E., a music and videogames shop specialising in independent music and retro games, is a testament to this most wholesome of glories. Setting foot in the former Road Records building rewards the individual with a wall of records on the left, featuring a deep catalogue of new and legacy releases on wax. On the right, a tightly-packed stall full of pristine (or pre-loved) condition videogame classics and hidden gems, ranging from the obscure pleasures of Tombi!, Parodius and Ghost in the Shell to pop-cultural icons like Crash Bandicoot and the world of Super Mario Bros. Reconditioned videogame consoles of all hardware generations and brand-new record players are also in store.

For the discerning music fan, the nostalgic videogamer, and for those who miss the humble music/games outlets of yore, along with all the community and curation they would have provided.

Open year-round.

Mike McGrath-Bryan


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