The Naomhóg Experience

Enjoy a couple of hours rowing on a naomhóg – the traditional wooden boat used along the west coast of Ireland – and explore Dingle by sea.



Rowing takes place within the shelter of Dingle Harbour, visiting various areas, such as Milltown bridge, where a small river meets the sea, the calm waters of Burnham, with its wooded surroundings, and the harbour mouth.


The naomhóg is a four-handed craft and each boat is guided be an experienced oarsman or oarswoman.

It has a wooden frame over which an animal skin or hide – and more recently a canvas – is stretched. Tar is then applied to seal the hide or canvas joints.

The naomhóg– or currach, as it’s called in Galway, Connemara and Donegal – is regularly used for the local races, or regattas, by both adults and children.



There are regional differences in how a naomhóg, or currach, is built, and the Kerry naomhóg is renowned for its elegance and speed.

It was used by the Blasket islanders as an everyday means of transportation, be it food or sheep, from the island and the mainland.

St. Brendan used a naomhóg fitted with a mast and sail to cross the ocean, departing for the West Kerry shores.



While the naomhóg is still used around these waters, the annual regattas amongst the peninsula different communities are a major motivation to continue the building of these fast boats.

The Naomhóg Experience offers visitors the chance to take part in this beautiful tradition.

Manuela dei Grandi


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