Horseback Riding: Into a Glacial Valley

Under the shadow of Mount Brandon, Sea View Equestrian Riding Centre offers the unique experience of hacking on a horseback deep into a glacial valley, where riders can soak in the stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and ride through the ruins of an old famine village.

The riding centre is set on a farm that has been handed down through generations of the Moriarty’s family, and maintains the traditions and authenticity of the place, with old stone buildings and stories of what it used to be like.

Horses are a passion and the centre prides itself of excellent horse welfare and happiness. Horses are ridden bitless for the horses’ comfort, using pressure-and-release bridles made by a local saddler.

This ride is suitable for everyone, even if you have never even sat on a horse. The horses are sure footed and very good at their jobs.  The ride leaves the stables and heads into the stunning ‘Com’, an unspoiled glacial valley with unique and magical scenery.

This peaceful and serene ride will take you through the truly impressive and beautiful valley that lies right underneath the Mount Brandon range, you will cross clear rivers, see waterfalls and old peat bogs where the farmers used to cut turf for the fire.

The valley is still used by farmers to graze sheep. Wild goats live in the mountain range: you may be lucky to spot one during the ride.



On the way back to the stables the views change to the spectacular west coast, with the three peaks known as the Three Sisters, Ballydavid harbour and the cove leading into to the stunning beach of Muireach in full view.




Check out Sea View Equestrian own website for more information.

Manuela dei Grandi


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