Quarter Block Party: North and South Main Streets, Cork

The winter months have traditionally been quiet for the historic spine of Cork City, with the post-Christmas lull seeing the un-gentrified stretch from Shandon Street to Barrack Street fall silent for traders and residents alike. Quarter Block Party, a multidisciplinary festival of arts and culture based in venues and properties on North and South Main Street, aims to change this, injecting the area with a bit of life.

Since its emergence in 2015, the festival has put on a fearless mix of music, dance, installation, visual art, guided tours and performative conversation, featuring guests from around Ireland and the world. Its trademark work, however, has been with community groups like Re-imagine Cork, commissioning new street art and helping the group in its mission to renovate side-streets and properties left to neglect by the recession and a lack of city planning.

Booked by the Quarter arts collective, and complemented strongly by a cutting-edge music programme booked by local music raconteurs Southern Hospitality Board, Quarter Block Party has risen quickly to become a staple of the Cork festival calendar.

Annually, Mid-January

Mike McGrath-Bryan


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