Exploring Dingle’s Hidden Gems: Stand-up Paddling




Dingle town is situated on the northern side of Dingle Bay, and it’s blessed with a varied and calm natural harbour.

Dingle Surf invites you to explore its sheltered coastline and its caves on a Stand-Up Paddle.

And if that’s not enough, the dolphin-in-residence Fungie often joins the group.




Exploring the rugged coastline, caves and wildlife on a SUP offers a different and unique perspective to this magical place.

Paddling on a Stand-Up board can give you a special experience with a close-up encounter with this gentle dolphin. He is often seen swimming side by side the paddlers, sometimes leading them towards one of his favourite caves.

Other visitors and joiners include seals and a rich variety of marine birds.

Dingle harbour is a pleasure to explore by sea, especially at high tide, when the landlocked basin shows itself in all its glory, surrounded by lofty hills which fall steeper towards the harbour mouth, revealing hidden inlets and caves.



Stand-Up paddle boarding is one of the fastest growing sports which, as well as improving balance and fitness, it provides a unique way of enjoying the marine environment.

And, thanks to the expert supervision of Dingle Surf instructors, beginners can fully enjoy this wonderful way of exploring news, and old places.

Manuela dei Grandi


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